14 days with NutriBuddy

Hey guys,
So I’m not one to give up on my New Year’s resolutions and I’m determined to see some results. In my previous fitness post, I mentioned keeping you guys updated on my health and fitness journey this year and this is just the start. I’ve always wanted to include some fitness products into my routine towards a healthier lifestyle and when the opportunity to try out NutriBuddy arose, I just couldn’t say no!

The Weight Loss Kit comes in 3 different packages: 7 day trial, 14 days (most popular) or 28 days (if you can stick to it for a month)! The kit contains Sculpting Whey Powder, Multivitamins and Hunger Fix Capsules. I chose the Sculpting Whey Powder in vanilla as it’s always an easy option and I thought it would be a great product to include in different recipes that I try out. The Multivitamins should be taken once a day in order to boost your system, as when working out you need all the nutrients you can get! The most interesting part of the kit are the Hunger Fix Capsules – I’m extremely excited to see how these work and test out if they can really curb my cravings.

I’m going to try and replace one meal a day with the protein shakes, or have one as a snack, depending on how hectic my days are. I’m trying to go to the gym 5 times a week, preferably after work in the evenings and once at the weekend. 
Do any of you guys buy fitness products or have you used a kit like this before? Let me know and I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and seeing any results! If you want to buy the products you can here.
Love, Aysh x

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