5 Tips & Tricks Every Blogger Needs To Know

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while as I’ve been receiving quite a few messages on Instagram. so wanted to put together my top blogging tips for you all to read and be inspired from. A popular question I get asked is how I grow my Instagram following. In complete honesty, it’s not easy. In order to grow your Instagram, you need to be committed, organised and most of all passionate.


Preparation is key. If you want to be successful in blogging or whatever you are trying to do with your social platforms, you need to plan ahead. I find it helpful to note down ideas for blog posts on a monthly basis and fit these into my time to get these written. When it comes to Instagram, shooting in bulk is always the best way. Plan a few outfits you want to shoot, and research your locations as this is so important. After what will be a fun yet exhausting day, you will have loads of content that you can plan out and schedule ready for posting.


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Instagram analytics should become your new best friend. Make sure you have a business profile and you will never look back. Being able to see all of your follower insights, demographics and most popular times that you’re audience are online is a godsend. With the Instagram algorithm testing most of us, posting at key engagement times will ensure your content is being seen by the majority of your following, and the more engagement a post gets, the more it will be pushed out further.


Make the most of Instagram stories. It’s no surprise that most of us receive more views on our Instagram stories than we do on our feed content. Heck, if we all got as many likes on one post as we do views on a story, would I even be writing this post? Your stories can provide a lot of insight into your life as opposed to what you choose to upload to your feed.


Engagement is so important and it often goes ignored. When brands look for people to work with they don’t just look for great content, but also authentic and good engagement. This doesn’t just come as part and parcel of having an Instagram account, but with lots of hard work. More and more people are becoming savvy to the fact that numbers don’t mean a thing. So what, if you have 200k followers? If you’ve got an engagement rate of 2% chances are, your followers are fake and no-one will want to work with you as there is no ROI.

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Make sure to find your style and figure out what makes you, you. Decide what your aesthetic is going to be and run with it – this can be anything from the theme you use, the locations you go to, your photography style and much more. I have fallen victim so many times to comparing myself to other people, and consequently changing themes, switching photographers, all of which has a knock-on effect on my growth. So make sure you know exactly who you are and where you want to be.

I hope this has helped some of you, and if you ever want to ask me any questions, my DMs are always open! Do you guys have any other blogging tips? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Love, Aysh x


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