A Weekend in Prague


Oh the Czech Republic, how you amaze me. A lot of you over on Instagram asked for Prague recommendations, so here we are. From cute little bars and pubs to all the sights you should make sure you see – here is my mini guide to the Czech Republic.


Before you head off to Prague, I’d definitely make sure of planning the different sights and attractions that you want to see. There are so many beautiful corners to turn, you’ll find you might often get stopped in your tracks and the day will just run away with you. We didn’t have much time to explore on our first day after spending the morning travelling and wandering around trying to find our hotel in -4 temperatures, so we had a cheeky midday nap. For us, this was perfect as it meant we could relax and rather than rushing into town trying to cover all the sights, we got to explore the local neighbourhood and my god, it was stunning.


Now, if you’re heading to Prague – you must know already that drinks are cheap. The best bar in my opinion? Cash Only Bar. We went here on our first night and it was so perfect. It’s a tiny hidden away bar in the corner of Old Town and just like the name suggests, it’s cash only (as a number of places in Prague are). As you walk in, it seems quite restricted (only seating about 15 people), but as you walk further in there is another bar downstairs which is the perfect romantic and friendly atmosphere. The staff are so lovely and accommodating and the drinks are just amazing! But beware of the Absinthe cocktail bowl – my boyfriend ordered this for the two of us and I had a very sore head in the morning. They also do the most delicious hotdogs if you fancy something small for dinner, and they have popcorn and lots of treats to nibble on.

The next day we headed into Old Town and it was an absolute dream. The smell of warm pastries and mulled wine just fills the air, and if you’re going while the weathers still cold – definitely take advantage of the mulled wine. At all the street food stands you can pay in euros or koruna, which is perfect if you have any left over euros lying around! We wandered off through streets filled with designer shops and bustling tourists and visited the Prague Clock which is stunning! We didn’t spend too much time in the town as there was so much we wanted to see, but you could easily lose yourself there for a few hours.


After that we headed up to Charles Bridge, which was just breathtaking. Views of the lake, the castle in the distance and to my surprise a lock bridge – who knew?! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lock with us and there’s nowhere near to buy one from so I would definitely recommend taking one as it’s so romantic! We walked along the bridge listening to locals playing music and then wandered down to Swan Lake, which in my opinion, wasn’t that great – but I can imagine just how beautiful it would be in the summer! Next up, Prague Castle. The architecture was so so beautiful, but against my better knowledge, it would have been better to see at night when it’s all lit up. By this point, I was so hungry and was desperate for a snack so we set off in search of the infamous Tredlnik – it was unreal. There are stalls everywhere, but I would definitely recommend searching for the best places to go as I’ve seen some bad reviews about a couple of the street stalls. By this point it was starting to get dark so we went to go and see the John Lennon wall which was incredibly pretty for a bunch of street art, and every tourist there was writing their own notes and memories on the wall, whilst a busker stood playing John Lennon songs. If you walk about 5 minutes north of the wall, you’ll come across the John Lennon pub which is a must see. The decor is amazing and I felt like I’d stepped into an East London pub in the 1960s.

Another recommendation would also be to try the traditional Czech food! We went to a Czech restaurant on our last night – now being honest, the food was a 6/10 – but I’m glad I tried it. If you’re not very adventurous with food (like me), I would urge you to google local places to eat beforehand. We spent our last night in a small gastropub near our hotel. Prague is full of cute little hideaway bars and pubs, and it’s definitely the best way to spend your evenings. They have a crazy funny obsession with Euro Pop and all the old songs you probably danced to at your year 6 disco, set the scene at any bar you walk into.

A List of Main Attractions

Now we didn’t make it to all of these places, but from my experience and some other pictures I’ve seen – make sure the following are at the top of your list!

I hope this blog post helped! If any of you are travelling to Prague soon and want anymore recommendations, let me know!

Love, Aysh x


3 responses to “A Weekend in Prague”

  1. Marl’ene says:

    I’m off to Prague in March for a conference. Will only be there for two days. As I’ll be in the conference for most of the time. What one thing should I see given the time constraints?

    • Aysen Miller says:

      Prague Castle and the view from Charles Bridge, definitely!!! You can see the castle in the distance when you’re at the bridge.

      • Marl’ene says:

        I’m here now. You forgot to mention the cobbled streets. Have had a fabulous day and been to sl the sights that you recommended but my tootsies are killing me 🙂

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