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Hi huns,

There’s no specific topic for this one as I just wanted to share with you my current favourites that I can’t live without. If you’re anything like me and you see a good review or a product that is supposed to be an absolute godsend – you just have to go out and buy it right?


I D E A L  O F  S W E D E N  P H O N E  C A S E S

P R E T T Y  Y O U  L O N D O N  S L I P P E R S
D E C I E M  O R D I N A R Y 
C A P T U R E  Y O U R  S T Y L E  B O O K
A N A S T A S I A  B E V E R L E Y  H I L L S  G L O W  K I T
First of all, the stunning cases by Ideal of Sweden. They are the most beautiful phone cases I have ever laid my eyes on. They have a number of different designs and patterns, from marble if you’re into something more classic, to tropical prints if you like to be a little bolder. I have the white gold marble and the ocean blue marble cases and I am obsessed. Keep your eyes peeled as they also have their new summer range releasing soon, and it is to die for.
Now on to a pair of slippers I was sent recently. Some people love slippers, some people hate slippers, some people don’t even see them as a necessity. But I do. I absolutely love having a comfortable pair of slippers that I can lounge about and relax in when I get home from work or at the weekends. Pretty You London have a massive range of slippers that are designed specifically to be loved and appreciated. They are perfect for a girl who loves to lounge, whilst not being lazy but lounging in style.
Deciem. The Ordinary products. Everyone has heard of them, and everyone loves them. I’ve only tried out two products so far but they have remained a top favourite for me in regards to my everyday skincare.
Next up, we have the bible of all books – Capture Your Style by Aimee Song. For me, as someone who is a very visual thinker, this book was an absolute dream. I would totally recommend it to anyone and everyone! From learning how to build your own brand, discovering the best way to take photos, and ultimately piecing together your Instagram feed – this book is heaven.
Finally, let’s talk about that glowwwww! I have been obsessed with the Anastasia Beverley Hills glow kit ever since I first bought it about 6 months ago – and it has still lasted me so long! I always get compliments on my make up or asked which highlighter I use – and all thanks has to be down to this amazing little palette.
Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your current favourites?
Love, Aysh x



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  1. Funmi says:

    Current faves at the moment are my vans 😍 And glittering ✨ flats I got the other day. Good read babe

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