Dreaming Of My Own Place with Desenio

For ages I’ve been dreaming of being able to move out of my family’s house and build a place of my own. I’m hoping this will happen some time next year. Please bring me good things 2018! I currently share a room with my 18-year-old sister while I’m at home and it does get stressful and I wish I had a room of my own. It’s always been hard to decorate the room as we both have different tastes.

I’ve always dreamed of having a one-bed flat in central London. From an open plan living room, to white and brick walls – I know exactly what I want. I spend so much time on Pinterest scrolling through images of interiors and house decor just dreaming of having a place of my own. I especially love seeing personal touches in different homes. Prints and pictures definitely add that extra touch to any room and make the space feel more homely.  I recently found Desenio – who do the most amazing prints and just had to get some!

Desenio are a Scandinavian print company who provide the most amazing prints for anywhere and everywhere. They have everything from different sized prints, stunning frames, hangers and picture ledges. So perfect for anyone! They have an amazing Instagram page which is bursting of inspiration. I love scrolling through their feed and saving images for future inspo.


Although I don’t have my own room, I chose a few prints to add to the space that match my personality. As many of you know I love plants and I love pink. So what better than a few nature inspired plants to brighten up my space. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I am serious about mindfulness and thinking postive thoughts. So I chose a quote that I could look at every day, to remind me to keep positive or to lift me up on a down day. I also chose a mixture of white and rose gold frames (because who doesn’t love rose gold?!) – and they add the perfect touch!

I currently have a 25% off discount code which you can use for the next few days which is ‘STYLEBYAYSH‘. Make sure you take full advantage of it and snap up pieces from their stunning collection of prints.


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