‘First Time’ TAG

So the lovely Mila, from Top Knot Kinda Day tagged me in her first time blog post and I thought I’d give it a go! When I first got tagged in it I was like okay…..this is gonna be a little inappropriate, but it was in fact the opposite aha!
1. First tweet?
Ok so I’ve had Twitter since August 2009…wow that makes me feel old. But the furthest I can scroll back is 2016 so here it is.

2. First blog post?
This one right here. Pretty generic ‘hello’ I guess.
3. First blog you subscribed to?
Lily Melrose.
4. First Facebook profile picture? 
Obviously I’ve deleted quite a few as time has gone on, can’t have those golden oldies creeping up on you! But as far as I can see it it this:
5. Do you still talk to your first love?
Hahahahahahahaha no. Thank god.
6. First alcoholic drink?
I mean, does Bucks Fizz count? If so probably at Christmas when I was 15.
7. First job?
Sales assistant at River Island, almost 4 years ago!
8. First car?
Never had one. Yep, I’m 22 and I still haven’t learnt how to drive.
9. First person to text you today?
My Ollie.
10. First person you thought about this morning?
Ollie, again. How can you not think about this pretty face?
11. First celebrity crush?
Zac Efron maybe?
12. First thing you do when you get home?
Take my bra off and put on some comfy clothes.
13. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?
Amy. No, she moved to Blackpool when we were about 10 and we drifted apart.
14. First thing you do in the morning?
Check my phone.
15. First concert?
The Tweenies hahahaha.
16. First piercing?
Lobes of course.
17. First foreign country you visited?
New York, America.
So this has been quite interesting remembering all my ‘firsts’ – I’m not going to tag anyone as I’d like all of you to have a go and let me know if you do!!
Love, Aysh x

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