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Hey girls,

So I always seem to get comments on my skin’s appearance – people asking my facial routine, you’re so lucky you don’t have spots, you don’t need to wear make-up etc. and I guess that’s good in a way but just because people tell you one thing, doesn’t mean you believe it. It all comes down to confidence.
I have always been self-conscious about my skin growing up, so this gets a little frustrating. I have had a number of problems with my eating habits/weight and with my hair. Any time I get the smallest spot I go berserk. At school, I used to use a multitude of products on my hair which would cause me countless problems the next day after a night sleeping and the products irritating my face. I would go through stages of eating loads of junk to eating nothing at all for days on end – which would also reap havoc on my face.

It is only just recently, mainly being at university, that I decide to give my skin the attention that it needs, and it’s become a sort of obsession for me. I spent 3 years constantly testing out new products and changing my skincare routine. I never leave the house without make up. Ever. And just when everything seems to be going right (product-wise at least), my weight will begin to fluctuate, work and stress levels will get to me and I’ll break out yet again. I basically pick up on every little flaw.

I don’t seem to break out with acne or a number of huge spots, but I tend to get blackheads and patchy blemishes which I then try and cover up with more make up. But now, I’ve decided that its time to let my skin heal. And this is where Sensio Spa comes in. You hear all over social media, from celebrities, in tabloids – just how good spa facials are, but who really has the time or money for these?

Sensio gifted me the most amazing home spa facial set, and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s a five step cleansing routine with the benefits of a spa facial, but you can do it at home – it doesn’t get much better than that! Healthy, glowing and bright skin? Yes please! The set contains a facial cleanser wutg 2 attachments for ease of use, an adjustable nozzle to control the steam and a hot/cool bare to work on those pores! So I plan to decrease the amount of make up I wear and treat my skin as it deserves. Hopefully I’ll come to learn that there is no definition of perfect. I’ll be able to love and feel good in my skin, with the confidence to go without make up and appreciate a compliment when it comes my way.
If any of you are desperate to try something new or change your skincare routine, I would definitely recommend investing in one of these! From the results I’ve seen so far, it could be a life changer.
Love, Aysh x

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