Life As A Graduate

It’s now four months after my graduation and I am having the time of my life. After the best summer with my boyfriend, I managed to jump straight into my first job – Marketing & Social Media assistant for Banneya London. 

Banneya are a luxury fine jewellery platform based in Notting Hill, who use their platform to showcase and sell collaborative collections with up and coming designers. The role has been hard at times – having such a huge workload and a lot of responsibility but I am being opened up to a new industry and the amount of fun I have having overrides this. I’m so glad to be learning so much and working with a great team, and what is better than working within jewellery.
Getting to control the brands social media and being part of jewellery photoshoots has widened my creative eye and I am absolutely loving it. I have also been working on my Instagram trying to post more relevant fashion and lifestyle images and I am really pleased with where things are going. 
I have some really exciting news coming up with a lot of amazing new brands, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!!
Love, Aysh xx

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