One Suitcase, Four Outfits and Two Days in Paris

IMPORTANT UPDATE: So first things first, this blog post was supposed to be a lot longer and with a lot more images, but sadly, my phone completely broke down during my trip erasing a lot of content with it and I am so so gutted. It’s both frustrating as I worked so hard, and annoying as Apple have no way of retrieving it. But c’est la vie – still powering through with the French spirit I left Paris with. I hope you enjoy this post, and that my rant didn’t put you off!

A winter wardrobe is by far my favourite. I love nothing more than the prospect of leaving the house with a huge warm coat and stylish layers. Sometimes I feel like saying I love winter earns me deadly stares from hundreds of people. Why would anyone love winter? It’s freezing, dark and gloomy. Wrong. Winter is quite frankly one of the best times of the year. From weekends away and Christmas themed outings, to family time and mulled wine, even the occasional appearance of snow! I just love winter. And most of all, I love dressing for winter.

On Sunday I went away for a few festive days in Paris and I realised what almost every person realises when they need to pack for a weekend away, that I was at a complete mind blank. I’m so used to creating a few basic outfits to go in my suitcase and then chucking in everything and anything I think will go with it. Not this time. I needed to be meticulous about the clothes I was bringing and this was a tough job. Then I had one of those “eureka!” moments. Now I don’t know about you, but dressing for winter only leaves me thinking one thing. Knitwear and denim.


Now for those of you who know me well, you’ll know I love shopping at Pretty Little Thing. I always think whatever the occasion and whatever the weather, they’ll always have something I can wear. I decided to head online where I picked two pairs of jeans, two pieces of knitwear, a couple tops and a few accessories to complete each look and that’s it. Done (with a trusty warm coat, of course).


Can I just say – this shaggy cardigan is my ultimate favourite thing ever! I mean, I’m just obsessed. I styled it two ways whilst I was in Paris. Once with this t-shirt, jeans and baker boy cap for my kind-of “everyday-Paris-chic” look, and secondly with my new favourite frilled hem black jeans and simple black jumper with heels for a night out with dinner and drinks.



*Shaggy Cardigan: Here

*Ripped Mom Jeans: Here

*Black Ruffle Sleeve Jumper: Here

*Black Frill Hem Jeans: Here

*Bakerboy Cap: Here

*Velvet Chain Bag: Here

*Star Layer Necklace: Here

*Boobs Graphic Tee: Here

*Pink Shearling Aviator Jacket: Here

Double Circle Belt: Similar here

Black Old Skool Vans: Here

Black Strappy Heels: Similar here

Black Chain Boots: Here

*All items with an asterix were kindly gifted to me or purchased with vouchers that I have been gifted.

I hope you loved this post! Which was your favourite outfit?

Love, Aysh x




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