Power to the Girls: Valentines or Galentines?

I recently saw a tweet about people laughing and throwing abuse at others for wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it got me thinking. Some people see Valentine’s day as a trivial subject. They see it as an over-commercialised way for brands and businesses to make money, but hey, isn’t that every holiday/celebration? I see it all the time with Facebook memes, celebrity gossip and outrageously controversial tweets. “What’s the point of Valentine’s Day?” they say. “Surely, if you love your S/O you should tell them everyday?” they sneer. My answer to this is stop being such a negative nancy and leave people to enjoy themselves. If you want to have a special day to celebrate your relationship, then you do you boo!

For me personally, I love Valentine’s Day. I’m lucky enough to have finally met someone who I am able to share this day with. Ollie and I are coming up to our 2-year anniversary soon, so this will be our second Valentine’s Day together and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to have a day where I can celebrate finally finding someone who means the world to me, and me to them. But before this, I also used to enjoy celebrating “Galentine’s Day”. A time when I wasn’t in a relationship but still wanted to show my love and appreciation for all the amazing women in my life. For me and the girls, this was a time of girl power and toasting to our friendship. And so whether you’re more Valentine’s or Galentine’s, we’re all faced with the same question? What do I wear?!

valentines mercarivalentines mercari


Fear not gals, I’ve hooked up with Mercari to show you that shopping doesn’t have to cost a fortune and style should never be compromised! We all love shopping, dressing up and looking our best but sometimes our bank balances just can’t hack the damage! Well, Mercari is one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing community-powered mobile marketplace. The Mercari app gives you a simple, secure and quick way to buy and sell unwanted items (mainly clothes!), and it’s also fee-free for sellers meaning you can take away 100% of the profits. Not to mention, it’s so easy to shop! You can browse your favourite items for way less than on the high street, and you can like items to simply save them for later.


There’s nothing better than making yourself feel beautiful, putting on a sexy outfit and feeling confident in yourself. Make sure you’re feeling you’re absolute best this Valentine’s Day and show your S/O just how lucky he is! I’ve listed some of my favourite sexy date night outfits over on my Mercari shop to help you dress for this special day.


Even if you have no guy to show off to, who cares?! Dress to impress and make sure you’re looking and feeling 100%. Slide into a banging dress, get glammed up and grab your best girls for a night out – celebrating indepedent women! Take a look at my top picks for the perfect Galentine’s Day outfit on Mercari and shop til you drop. Also if you use code KDCTKT you get £2 off your first purchase!

This one is for my ladies –  keep on being you and thanks for everything!

Love, Aysh x



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