Prepping Your Skin for Winter

This is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Sanctuary Spa.

‘Tis the season for dry skin. And boy, don’t I know it. After the post-summer glow starts to fade and the weather gets colder, our skin can be left feeling dull and dehydrated. I don’t know what it is around this time of year. Whether it’s the cold weather or the fact my boyfriend and I can’t decide on what temperature to have the flat, but my skin literally has a meltdown. If like me, your skin is in dire need of replenished moisture then you will most definitely want to read on.

We all strive to have the perfect skincare or pamper routine, and this blustery time of year is when we need it the most. Having a self-care routine is one of my favourite pastimes. It almost makes me feel as though I’m a fully-fledged adult taking control of my life. Not to mention, I am also a self-confessed pamper addict. For me, it is important to make sure that at least once a week I take care of myself. Whether this means running myself a hot bubble bath or preening myself with all my favourite beauty products, there’s just something so therapeutic about it.

Something I often find myself guilty of, however, is not finding the right products. Or even being a little too overzealous with the moisturiser and struggling to slide my jeans past my sticky thighs. Thankfully, Sanctuary Spa has launched a new collection to tackle our temperamental skin problems during the winter weather. The Rose Gold Radiance range is made up of four different products for radiant, glowing skin. The two bath products are my absolute favourites. And yes, it does include those amazing bath salts you buy your mum for Christmas every year! Or is that just me?



Any pamper addict would know that one of the best ways to kick off a routine is by having a warm, bubble bath. My top two picks from the collection would have to be the bath products. Everyone knows that I’d much rather pick a night in with a bubble bath over going out and having to wake up with a hangover.

The Liquid Gold Bath Elixir is an absolute luxury. Not only does it’s shimmer and sheen pave the way for glorious glowing skin, but it is also infused with oils and rose water to soften the skin and soak your troubles away.

Now, what would a bath be without bath salts? With that signature Sanctuary Spa scent, the Exquisite Bath Salts leave your skin feeling smooth and soft after a long, warm soak.



The other two products in the range are moisturisers. First up, we have the Shimmering Luxe Body Butter. Now if you’re like me and you suffer from dry skin, this is an absolute lifesaver. Infused with essential oils, it nourishes and sinks deeply into the skin, whilst also giving you the perfect winter glow.

In all honesty, I’m not usually a fan of body oils but I absolutely love mixing the Precious Glow Body Oil and the Shimmering Luxe Body Butter together for a warm, radiant glow. However, if you don’t mind using body oils – it is perfect if you fancy a more subtle glow and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

It’s definitely the perfect collection to gift for Christmas this year, because who doesn’t want super soft, fragrant and beautiful products to pamper themselves with this Winter?


I’d love to know what products you are using this winter to keep your skin feeling soft and refreshed? If you do try out the new Rose Radiance range – available exclusively at Boots & – let me know what you think of it!

Love, Aysh x


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