The Drugstore Dupes That Will Change Your Mind About Beauty Splurges


I’ll admit it when it comes to a new beauty product release I can certainly be counted on to add it to my shopping basket waiting desperately for payday. But when the time finally comes around, can I really be bothered to spend £40 on a make-up palette and £5 for shipping, only to then find out I have to fork out another £20 for customs fees? The answer is most simply no.

A while back I saw a few posts about TAM Beauty and more specifically the Make-Up Revolution brand and I decided to try them out for myself.




S T R O B E  C R E A M
C O N T O U R  P A L E T T E 
B L U S H  P A L E T T E
E Y E  B R I G H T E N E R
B A N A N A  P O W D E R

With product packaging, I normally say that you get what you pay for, but Make Up Revolution definitely surprised me. The aesthetics range from matte black, neutral tones and holographic detailing. The palettes themselves are sleek and minimal – aesthetics that I very much enjoy, and they aren’t too heavy which means I can carry them in my bag if I needed to. The Strobe Cream is slowly becoming my new favourite product! I love mixing it in with my foundation for the perfect fresh, dewy-faced look. The Banana Powder is to die for – Ben Nye, Ben Who? It helps set my concealer so perfectly and is just an absolute dream to work with.

Now onto the palettes. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my contour and I never wear blusher. So why did I feel the need to buy both palettes? Because they looked pretty, okay?! But truth be told, the blush palette is so beautiful and I was shocked to find colours that suited my skin so perfectly. And the contour palette? Well, that is just a dream! I don’t think I’ll be shopping anywhere else for my make-up for quite some time…

Have you found any drugstore dupes that you now swear by? Let me know.
Love, Aysh x



2 responses to “The Drugstore Dupes That Will Change Your Mind About Beauty Splurges”

  1. Ive been eyeing up the banana powder for a while now but wasnt 100% sure! but now i've got to purchase it along with the blush kit – they look so pretty- great post! – x

    Lavinya Royes – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Katie says:

    I’ve had a few things from Make up Revolution and I’ve been well impressed, think I might need to try a few more.

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