Xenz Secret Launch // Malmaison Hotels

Hi lovelies,

So towards the end of May I was invited to a lovely event hosted at Malmaison Hotel Charterhouse, as part of Clerkenwell Design Week. The event was focused around a designer and artist called Xenz, who creates the most interesting and unique graffiti designs and paintings in real-life spaces.

First a little bit about the hotel. Located in the heart of 15 main cities, Malmaison Hotels are perfect for those wanting a city break with a touch of added luxury. The staff are incredibly polite, and the hotel is six floors of an absolute dream.
Now, back to the artist. After speaking to the man himself, it was really interesting learning about his history and what inspired him to work in the way that he does. Following our conversation, it completely made sense that the event was as intricate and meticulously thought out as it was. Hosted in one of the hotels bedroom suites – the walls were covered in designs that had been painted by Xenz less than a few days before. Xenz works in partnerships with the hotel so his designs can be spotted all over the walls in the lobby or as soon as you get out of the lift on every floor, but I have never seen anything quite like this. Cushions had been painted with tiny little butterflies, the bedding had some of the most intricate detailing I have ever seen, and the walls were just something else! 
During this event, every little detail had been carefully considered. The cocktails were made so perfectly with a little paintbrush that you had to use to mix the cocktail and you could watch the colour transform. The bathrooms were decorated with neon phrases and had a DJ from Egg London providing tunes for the entire night. It was honestly one of the most interesting, intimate events I have  ever been to.
Let me know what you thought of this post!
Love, Aysh x

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