3 Ways to Switch Off Over Christmas

Christmas can be such a busy time of year. Whether you have millions of family members to see, old friends to meet up with or even a bit of work to do. It’s important not to forget that Christmas is a holiday and you should allow yourself some time off to enjoy time with loved ones and to relax.

Learn to prioritise.

I know it can be hard for some people to switch off entirely – and if you find it difficult to stop working altogether, then learn how to prioritise. Ask yourself whether a task urgently needs to be completed over the holidays or if it can wait. Prioritise your tasks into three categories: Urgent, Can Wait, Not Important. This way if you have client or brand work to focus on you can set aside some time to complete this and everything else can be picked up in January.

Chill Out.

Something I’m forcing myself to do more of is to just relax. Decorate your flat to feel festive and calm. Play a Christmas playlist or watch your favourite Christmas films and chill out. There’s nothing better than creating a nice atmosphere to help you relax and unwind this Christmas. Recently, I partnered with Fantastic Services – who came round to deliver and decorate a Christmas tree for me this season – and boy has it made a difference. Fantastic Services are basically a one-stop shop for all home services. They do everything from cleaning, gardening to waste removals and pest control. Every time I’ve worked with the team, their staff are so so lovely and the prices are so good! It has honestly made the world of difference having a beautiful Christmas tree in the flat this year to come home and relax next to, and I only have the guys at Fantastic Services to thank for that!

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t Instagram daily.

As times are changing, many of us are turning to social media and creating business opportunities for ourselves, especially on Instagram. However, just because you don’t have a 9-5 office job where you’re given a set Christmas break, doesn’t mean you can’t allow yourself some chill time. For me personally, I get a week’s holiday away from the office but I’m also going to allow myself time away from social media. Something I would definitely recommend is getting a scheduling app – this way I can schedule posts throughout Christmas and set aside an hour or two when that content goes live to engage with my audience – then I can spend the rest of my time enjoying the holidays with loved ones. Just because your job revolves around social media doesn’t mean you have to be on it 24/7 – everything you’ve worked for isn’t going to come crashing down if you miss a couple of days – and remember – your audience is also likely to be spending time with their loved ones and away from the Internet.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

Love, Aysh x


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